Monday, 1 March 2010

Bye Bye Financial Crisis

Ok, so the GFC is still apon us, but my own personal financial crisis is improving!

A week or two ago Milord spoke to his company about resigning. He's been on part-time employment since June last year, and we are struggling. It was ok when I was still in work - we just scraped by - but since I stopped to have Princess 6 months ago we've been in dire straits. Our income barely covers the household bills, and things like mortgage and renovations were coming out of our credit cards to the tune of about $4K every month. We have over $20K in credit card debt now, and it's giving us sleepless nights!

So anyway, Milord's company decided to let someone else go and took Milord on as a permanent full-time employee, starting today! Phew... we are still going to struggle to pay off our debt but at least it shouldn't be escalating every month. And being perm Milord will now get paid leave, sick days and public holidays - bonus!

I'm very chuffed. Sadly, Milord isn't... he doesn't like being permanent and his company is not that great to work for. He's been a bit depressed, poor guy.

He's a wonderful husband and father. My hero!


Nat said...

That's good news! Hope Milord perks up a bit and starts to enjoy work more :-)

greytonsal said...

Congratulations, you need a bit of stability at the moment. Tell him not to fret, once the economy picks up he can pick and choose how and for whom works once again. At least you can both sleep a bit easier at nights - if Princess let you!