Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Solids - more photos

You're going to get sick of these, but I'm having too much fun experimenting on the baby to resist!

Note to self - if the baby is hungry start with her bottle if you don't want a frustrated meltdown as she can't get solids in fast enough to be satisfied...

So today we started with a few spoons of (jarred, organic) pumpkin mush mixed with rice cereal to make it thicker and stickier on the spoon. Princess would be quite happy to be spoon-fed but we're trying to be baby-led so I load the spoon, get her to hold it, and she rams it in the general direction of her mouth. Between lack of coordination, trying to lick the food which knocks it off the spoon, and trying to bite the spoon which sends food everywhere she ended up wearing most of it! The mess OMG the mess! I won't be doing anything spoon-based in public any time soon! She seemed to like the pumpkin taste and was keen for more but was a bit frustrated with the spoon so we moved on to finger food.

I'm still feeding these to Princess as she hasn't quite got the grasp-and-bring-to-mouth-and-bite thing happening yet. In theory I shouldn't be giving her these bits until she can manage them herself but I'm having fun, so... bad mummy!

The tinned peaches and tinned pear were a big hit. The pear goes down easily as it turns to mush fast, although she prefers the taste of the peach. Carrot sticks (nuked until soft) are very popular. I thought she was just going to suck and squish the carrot and then spit it out but she she nommed a whole 1 and a half sticks! I was stunned! Grapes (peeled and hung onto fiercely by mummy) were nommed and sucked and swallowed with great delight.

Rice cakes were not a hit. They got sucked a bit and spat out. I tried dipping one in yogurt which got it a longer suck but she's really not keen! Maybe when she starts teething she'll like biting them.


Kat said...

I can't blame her for not liking rice cakes, I've only recently been converted to them myself (and only if they have cream cheese, peanut butter, almond butter or cashew butter on!) :)

Impressed she liked the peach - I remember my little sister making such a hysterical face when she first tried peach, she hated it!

Your pics in the other blog of her with food stuck out of her mouth are priceless - she'll not be impressed with you about them when she's older I bet! :)

greytonsal said...

There is obvious enjoyment there! Eating is such fun for her, her mealtimes will never be stress times, unless she cannot shovel it in fast enough! Not long now and she will want her milk in a cup. You were not interested in a bottle once you discovered that it could be gulped from a cup. Probably why you enjoy beverages from a glass so much!