Friday, 12 March 2010

Birthday Week

Wednesday was my birthday - I am now 38. Milord keeps trying to tease me about approaching 40 but to be honest 40 holds no terrors for me. I was a lot more bothered about 30 than I am for 40 - probably because my 30's have been so very good. New country, marriage, baby, house... I have not been this happy in decades and so my birthday is a true celebration!

It's been a lovely birthday week. I've have had friends over a couple of times, had family and my BFF call me from overseas, and been inundated with emails, local calls and facebook birthday greetings. We organised a babysitter on Wednesday and Milord took me out to a posh restaurant in the city: Cafe Sydney, where the tables on the balcony overlook the bay bounded by the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Princess has been an angel since Wednesday - our babysitter didn't get a peep from her while we were out, and last night I got a full 10 hours sleep while Princess slept for 11 hours!

Awesome. Simply awesome.

As for pressies, Milord bought me the next book in the fantasy series I am reading, and he says I may book myself a massage at a spa. He also cooked me dinner on the night before my birthday. My mum's group got me a pedicure voucher. I feel very spoiled!

It's been lovely and cool for the past few days too, as the prevailing winds are coming up from Antarctica. Just cool enough to wear jeans and sleep under the covers after a very sticky week last week. While Princess is too little to hit the beach or public pool I am very happy with a bit of coolth!

The week in pictures:

Princess cuddling with Daddy before bedtime.

Princess later that same night, unable to sleep. Mummy is forcing tummy time until Princess finally wears herself out! Mummy's fault for allowing a late afternoon nap...

Mum's group over at our house for birthday cake and champagne.

Someone is not allowed cake...

If mummy has a new book I'll have one too.


Nat said...

Lovely pics!

Glad you had a great birthday :-)

Suzanne said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Princess is getting so big.

Isn't Facebook wonderful for spreading birthday wishes to everyone?

greytonsal said...

Pleased you had a lovely birthday and Cafe Sydney! I remember when you took me there, gorgeous! Great pics of Princess, she is growing in leaps and bounds. Wish I was there!