Saturday, 27 February 2010

Solids! and "Baby-Led Weaning"

Princess had her first solids today. Because she is 6 months on Monday and because I've been itching to see her face when she tried some!

However, I'm going to be following the principles of "Baby-Led Weaning", which should really be called "Baby Self-Feeding". The idea is that if your baby is ready for food, and in the mood for food, she will grab food and nom on it. If she's not ready or not hungry she won't. When I was a baby people started feeding solids at 4 months, when babies weren't ready to chomp on stuff, so you had to do mush. Today we start solids at 6 months when babies are ready for lumps and pieces of food...

This is controversial with people who believe that you must start with mashed foods, and you must shovel said mush into your baby's mouth. As it is I'm taking flak from friends who believe you must start feeding your baby iron-fortified rice cereal at 6 months because of iron levels blah-di-blah whatevah.

So today I compromised. I loaded a spoon with rice cereal, let Princess grab hold of it, and helped her get it to her mouth (it counts as baby-led if they hold the spoon). She probably took in about 1.5 teaspoons of cereal, and wasn't particularly thilled or anti the experience. Pity - I was hoping for funny faces! Later in the day I microwaved some carrots sticks until they were soft and she grabbed and sucked at them. A few little bits detached... she may have swallowed some. She did gag a little but wasn't upset. So all in all a very successful first day starting solids!

"Food is for fun until you are one."

The bulk of Princess' nutrients will be coming from formula until she's 1, which seems ok from the info I can find (although it's all slanted towards breastfeeding until the age of 1. I did find a lot of hysteria regarding iron levels which is why I'm offering her rice cereal to cover my bases) and I'm not worried if she doesn't swallow much food provided she's doing well on the bottle.

No pictures as I had my hands full... but it was a fun day!


waterbob said...

I came across a recipe from the blog of one of your blogrollers about banana and oat rusks. I found a couple here as well: and, These seem a bit complex as the original I saw just had banana and oats thoroughly mashed and then baked.
Good luck!

greytonsal said...

Keep on the way you are. Princess will let you know when she needs more food. In the meantime, experiment with different foods and keep it fun!