Sunday, 21 March 2010

Park Life

The past week has been gorgeous. Sunny days that are not too hot (around 26C)... Princess and I have taken a walk in various parks every day.

Monday - Boot Camp. Eish, the trainer nearly killed me! No photos from this one, but Princess was an angel during the class, then drank her bottle and had a snooze while I went for a walk to stretch my aching body.

Tuesday - Long walk by the river. Here is Princess having a stretch under a tree. She is not asleep but it's a bit bright and she is squinting.

Wednesday - Walk to a park near the river. Princess' first time in a swing! She was more interested in nomming on the swing though - erk. "Germs are good! Germs are good!" (Still squinting, mummy keeps forgetting to bring along the baby sunglasses)

Thursday - Mums Group meetup in another park. Princess doesn't much like her sunnies but if enough is going on she'll forget about them for a while...

Friday - second time in a swing. Either this swing is a different size or she was more into swinging. Wheee!


The housework slipped a little because we were out so much, but who cares! The weekend has been rather hot and sticky, but from Monday we'll have cooler weather again and I'm looking forward to it. No weight loss which is a surprise, but I'm feeling very bloaty so maybe it's pending?

In other news, Princess is getting the hang of rolling, after a topsy turvy week of needing to be rescued from her tummy during the night. Mummy is a bit knackered and Princess has taken to sleeping on her side. She still gets stuck on her tummy but I reckon we are close to her figuring out how to roll back again...!

Latest foods: tuna (tinned): indifferent; apricot (tinned): yum; avocado (fresh): yum; peanut butter (mixed with a little rice): yum; chicken and rice meatball: indifferent (maybe too dry); cheese (cheddar, mature): yum.

I've searched the net and I can't find any consensus on peanuts. Some studies say if you are allergic it makes no difference when you try them, and others (mostly laymen) say leave it until age 3. I reckon peanuts are so ubiquitous in our society that I'd rather know asap if Princess is allergic, so we're giving it a shot. No affects so far although she gave us a scare shortly after bedtime with a screaming fit... seems she may have poked herself in the eye perhaps as she calmed down and went to sleep once Milord and I both ran in and checked her all over!


nevalia said...

nice blog

S Malik said...

aww your baby looks so cute sleeping

greytonsal said...

She is a hoot in her sunnies! Glad to see that she seems to be accepting them. So cool! Adore the pics. Thanks.