Sunday, 14 March 2010

Smug Mummy

I am so proud of my Princess! She is coping admirably with my decision to skip puree and to start her journey into the world of food with lumps and chunks. It's not true "Baby-Led Weaning" because I do hand-feed Princess, with the exception of anything from a spoon. Spoon stuff I load onto the spoon and then hand the spoon to Princess... with messy results but she seems to enjoy the autonomy and I reckon about half gets inside her. The rest she wears!


The added bonus to the route we have taken is that I don't prepare special meals for Princess. She gets what we are eating (before I add salt and spices). We had pasta bolognaise the other night and so this was Princess' dinner the following day: Bolognaise in spelt pasta shells (we are avoiding wheat until 9 months) with steamed carrot batons and garden peas, tinned peach slices and mummy-peeled grapes, and a mini fromage frais yogurty thing.

She ate almost all of it (the pasta shells were not appreciated) finishing with the yogurt. Princess smelled like a strawberry for the rest of the day, even after her bath!

I am the smuggest mummy in town! I have friends with much older babies who can't/won't eat lumpy or whole food, and my clever girl gobbles it all down...

Oh yeah, and the nappies are way smellier now. I don't mind because they are less explosive and easier to clean up!


waterbob said...

Proud of you both. Wish I could smell like a stawberry for even part of the day.

waterbob said...

The system is a bit slow and I've just seen the video at last. That young lady certainly knows how to handle a spoon. I see why you're smug.

Kat said...

:) One of my uni friends whose daughter is only a few weeks older than Grace is also doing baby led weaning!

greytonsal said...

She is certainly enjoying her meal times and knows what to do with her spoon! Wonderful, she will be a child you can take to any restaurant without any fears! Remember our special occasions at the Chinese restaurant when you were still very small? Great fun! Well done mommy!