Tuesday, 30 March 2010

7 Months

In 2 days time Princess will be 7 months old. She is thriving and happy and gorgeous.

She rolls a lot now, although she still gets stuck on her tummy and has to be rescued, sometimes a couple of times in the night... as she is fast asleep even as her back touches the mattress I can't complain too much!

Lots of chatter noises and raspberries. A constant vocalisation this week is a sort of gargle with a tune behind it: "gggggGGggglaargleggggggggGGgl". I do it back to her and we have a conversation! Milord can't join in because all the soft bits of his throat got taken away during his sleep apnoea treatment...

(that's rain in the background)

Food is going fine, although I think I might be overfeeding Princess at night. Twice now I have ended up wearing the regurgitated bedtime bottle, evening solids, and a little extra milk and solids from earlier... yuck. I've never worn someones vomit before - I guess it's a mummy thing, eh? And it won't be the last time, I'm sure!

I don't think it's been gastro because Princess is quite happy afterwards, goes straight to sleep and sleeps well until morning with no further vomits or poos. I start the next day's feeds with water to rehydrate her and she's just fine thereafter. So I have to move the solids to earlier, or give less solid food, or give a smaller bedtime bottle. Or all of the above!

Princess' motor skills are developing marvellously. It's a delight to see her shakily reach for an object and carefully pick it up. And put it straight in her mouth of course! She likes to feel our faces - usually quite gently, although if she gets a good grip on a nose or ear it gets a thorough twist. When carrying her against my shoulder she grabs a fistful of hair for balance... or a handful of neck skin - ow. Necklaces and dangly earrings got packed away a long time ago!

Princess is a bit more clingy these days - she likes to know where I am and to see me if possible. Some days I have to bring her into the bathroom during my shower and the bedroom while dressing etc to keep her happy. At naptime she tries to go to sleep wrapped around my arm, which is adorable but not really practical! I have recently introduced a small soft toy into her cot - "Skinny Bunny" - who gets a good cuddle and suck during naps.

I'm still loving the mummy thing, and it just keeps getting better. "Thank god for that!" says Milord.


waterbob said...

Lovely lovely lovely! Great pics and sounds. What a great kid. Thanks, We can't wait to meet her in person.

Kat said...

aww.. love the hugging skinny bunny picture!

greytonsal said...

Love the videos and the pic with skinny bunny is gorgeous! She is still Granny's Best Girl in all the world!