Friday, 5 March 2010

Post Preggy Body Update

Princess is 6 months old. Therefore, I have had 6 months in which to get my body back in shape and I should be back to at least where I was before getting pregnant, right?

Well, no.

I love eating and my baby loves sleeping so mummy is a bit sedentary and I have every last kilo of baby weight riding on my hips and bum. I am 76.5kg and steady...

I've decided to stop stressing. When Princess stops sleeping every 2 hours and wants to be out and about then we can play chase in the park or go for long walks and even maybe take up jogging with my super-expensive jogging pram!

No, I'm not giving up! I still keep an eye on what I'm eating and I do use my cross trainer several times a week and I attend a boot camp on Mondays. We eat almost no junk food and no takeaways and very little fat. My problem lies in portion control and wine. I do track my intake in Weightwatchers and I chomp/drink a good 10 extra points most days. *sigh*

Oddly enough, I have attracted a number of unsolicited compliments from my girlfriends recently. I was out for (OMG my first since Princess was born!!! Squeeee!) a girls night last week, and was told I'm looking great. I laughed of course, thinking they were just being nice. But no, seems I carry my weight well and the exercise I am doing has shaped it into curves. "Your butt looks fantastic in those jeans!" said a friend.

I'll admit, I cracked a week or so ago (when I wrote that rant about hating my body) and went shopping for a few clothes that actually fit. Jeans that don't muffin-top. Bras that don't cut. Shorts that don't gather up in the crotch. Yes, I went up a dress size for a few items... and how nice is it to have things that don't hurt to wear?! My Mom brought me a bunch of good-quality M&S cotton t-shirts that I can wear with anything and which suit my shape, and I look... ok.


Apart from weight, where is the post-preggy-Saffa-body?

I can sneeze on a full bladder!
I can suck in my tummy and most of it obeys.
My feet still hurt most of the time but they're getting better. Luckily they are still the same size as before.
Boobies have shrunk and perked up back to where they were before pregnancy - Milord is thrilled.
My hair is a bit odd. I shed like fury during December and January, and now I see I have a thatch of new growth coming through about 1cm long.
Princess' milk feeds don't take long at all so the terrible neck-back-ache I used to have from holding her just so for the breast or bottle for half an hour at a time has eased.

So yeah. All pretty good. I'm in a very good place right now!


waterbob said...

Baby Grace is looking weel and providing fun and the Mommy is well and there is an income. I am so glad for you all and only wish we could be there to share in the joy.

greytonsal said...

Nothing wrong with being curvy! In fact stick-thin is a pain and so boring! Wearing the right size clothes always helps, though most of us try to squeeze into a size too small as then we can fool ourselves that we are actually that size and, of course, we know that the manufacturers are always making the sizes smaller each year! Have fun and enjoy life!

brett said...

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