Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Mmm, how boring is this blog lately? Even the DIY has paused so I can't write about that! Pregnancy this, baby that... I don't think a mommy-to-be can help her blog becoming a "Mommy Blog", but you'd think there was something else going on, right?

Lets see. The weekend before last we had IrishMILF, her hubby and 8-week old baby boy over for Sunday lunch - the first guests since doing up our kitchen! They were suitably impressed. I cooked a superb pork roast (a deboned leg that I rolled around crushed rosemary, garlic, sage and orange chutney) with roasted potatoes and sweet potato, accompanied by steamed carrots and brocolli and gravy. The crackling turned out perfect, as did everything else. I'm still learning my new oven - it's more efficient than I'm used to and I over-crisped a few things, but no-one minded.

Then IrishMILF and I stayed chatting at the dining table with tea and chocolate while the boys messed with the Xbox on the other side of the room. The baby was really good, although he doesn't like being put down and won't nap for more than 15 minutes at a time. Of course, being out at a friend's they weren't about to let him grizzle so I don't know if they're a little more relaxed at home... I hope so.

IrishMILF is a model mommy. She did a fully natural birth from which she has completely healed. Breastfeeding worked from the first moment, she hasn't had even a sore nipple and the baby is growing like mad. I think she got so fed up with other women's horror stories that she's making a point of not complaining about how hard it all is, but even so I'm full of admiration. I'll be chuffed if I cope half as well as she does.

Urk, there I go, mommy-blogging again. I don't think IrishMILF and I talked of anything else either... maybe we should implement a baby-talk-free hour whenever we get together. Anyone think that will work?

This past weekend was very quiet. Milord went out with the boys on Friday night and came rolling home completely blotto at 1am. At which time he insisted on watching some cricket on the telly... where I assume he fell asleep because at 2am there was a crash from the living room as the remote fell to the floor, and then he took himself off to sleep in the spare bed. He can't remember turning on the cricket by the way...

When he surfaced at 10am on Saturday he still reeked of alcohol and he was feeling rather under the weather. He hasn't been out for a night like that in a very long time - and probably won't again now for a very long time! I made him a couple of bacon and egg sandwiches and he spent the rest of the day on the Xbox while I read books nearby.

On Sunday he felt ok but lazy, so we slept late before going out for brunch. In the afternoon we put the pram together, tidied the baby's room and went on a nappy-buying trip. Then I set a chicken roasting and we watched movies. A lovely relaxed weekend - just my style at the moment!

It is my last week of work. I'm finding it more and more of a struggle, and luckily my team is being very sweet about me working short days. I got home at 5 last night, had a snack and a cup of tea, and when Milord got home at 6 I was in bed preparing for a nap! He pottered around while I snoozed for an hour, made himself a cold chicken salad while I nibbled on strawberries, and we were back in bed at 9pm.

Mom keeps telling me that she doesn't remember being particularly tired in pregnancy. Mom, I love you, but you were 20 the last time you carried a baby to full term! 20! And when you had me you were still only 25...

I'm 37.

It is my choice to be a "mature" mom, but damn pregnancy is exhausting. I shudder to think how I'm going to be with the next one when I am even closer to 40 and with a toddler to wrangle.

Tch, is that me blogging about pregnancy again? Just not much else happening in my brain, sorry!

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waterbob said...

Hey Chick, well you've done all the home work and packed all the bags and fixed the house and re-arranged the furniture and work and still look after your husband. I get tired just thinking about what you have accomplished since January. Enjoy the break and really don't do anything strenuous in these last days. Mommy blog to your heart's content - sometimes you are what you are.