Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 37 and 3 days

I now see the Obstetrician every week. BP good, baby heartrate good. The baby is 2/5 "dropped" into my pelvis. I got all excited thinking this could be a sign of early labour, but it seems the baby can drop many weeks before delivery. It just makes things a bit more uncomfortable for me as there is even less room for my bladder!

Weight: 81kg
Bump: 104cm

Hmm, no gain from last week. I'm putting that down to me having a mad craving for fresh fruit and being too tired to cook dinner so I have had strawberries and yogurt for the last 2 nights instead!

Tonight I'm going to cook up a huge pot of leek, cauliflower and potato soup with fresh bread. We can eat that for a couple of nights and I'll freeze the rest. I have begun stocking the freezer with servings of homemade lamb curry, thai chicken and bolognaise. The sort of thing you can defrost, throw some 5 minute pasta in boiling water and have a good meal in no time. I don't like takeaways much, so I'd prefer to have a stash of frozen homemade meals instead.

Milord's sister has offered to come to us from Brisbane for a week at the start of October to help out (she is in her early 50s with 2 teenage daughters). That's really sweet of her - Milord's parents are no longer with us and my family is on the other side of the world so we're a bit isolated here. By October, if she arrives on time, the baby will be about 2 weeks old.

I hope Milord's sister realises that most of the help will be required around the house. "She's not going to be our slave!" said Milord "I'll be doing the cooking and cleaning. She can just take the baby from time to time."

Hmmph. Seriously, when the baby is not on the boob she'll most likely be asleep, especially in the first few weeks. At which time I will want to sleep (I intend to shower and get out for a walk with the pram at least once a day, but if sleep is what I need then I have no shame about having a nap). Milord will be back at work after 2 weeks in spite of broken nights. What we will need is someone to whizz around with the vacuum cleaner and prepare a hot meal! I will have to come up with a firm but tactful way to communicate this.

When IrishMILF had her baby 9 weeks ago her mother, sister and aunt all arrived from Ireland for a month. And did hardly anything for IrishMILF! Again, because the baby's needs were served by boob and sleep there was nothing required in that department, but when IrishMILF said that she'd love a homecooked hot meal she got brushed off and was so annoyed that she didn't ask again. She is still annoyed about it, and with good reason!

Mom is coming to us for nearly a month mid-November. Considering that she tends to take over the cleaning regardless, and did a brilliant job of cooking for me when I was in my 1st trimester and couldn't bear the smell or taste of most foods, I know we won't have an issue with her helping around the house! Plus by then our baby will be about 2 months old - awake more and feeding less often - ready to be handed to Granny for a bit of dandling while SaffaChick goes for a long bath.

What else? As we are past 37 weeks we are in the "zone" for our baby girl to arrive at any time. I am paying special attention to every Braxton Hicks, gas pain and joint ache just in case it's the real deal. I bet she comes late!

Oh here's a funny thing: My elderly Greek neighbours have had a go at Milord because I am still driving the car. I am avoiding germy Swine-Flu-infested public transport so I don't have much option... and when I walk (3 blocks) up to the shops for groceries they have a go at him because I'm carrying shopping! Heh. What am I supposed to do? I have to get to work and do the shopping somehow.

Milord has also voiced concerns about me driving. "What if the contractions start and you're doing 80km/h?" Hmm. I dunno. I assume the first few contractions are more of a horrible discomfort than a knife in the guts, and that I will be able to drive home or at least pull over safely and call for help. Anyone out there had their labour start while driving?

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blueberrybaby said...

Hi there! Stopped by to check in and see how things are going on your side of the world. :)

This post made me laugh because of the driving mention. I couldn't drive towards the end because it was just too uncomfortable to reach the steering wheel around my ginormous belly. But you shouldn't have any worries about going in to labor while driving. You'll know with enough warning to pull over if need be, or make it to the hospital.

Best wishes! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for your latest news.