Friday, 21 August 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 36 and 5 days

Weight: 81kg (total gain: 9.5kg)
Bump: 104cm (total growth: 17cm)

I can't describe just how disturbing it is to see a number on the scale beginning with "8".

All is well although I get verrrrry tired in the afternoons. I now leave work at 4pm, get home around 5pm, and flop on the couch before Milord gets home and I start getting the dinner together. I start work at 8am so it's still an 8-hour office day - Milord gets up at 7am so there is no point trying to have a lie in, plus getting in to the office at 8am means I miss the worst of the traffic.

One week of work left. I cannot wait to stop!

Everyone now asks me when I'm due (although no-one [unwelcome] has touched my belly so far. I must project a "don't-touch-me" aura. It probably helps that it's winter and I wear a voluminous coat outdoors). I keep getting told that I'm carrying small/neat/high. My weight gain has followed the projected curve (for an average 12 kg gain, based on my slightly overweight starting weight) amazingly though, so it's not like I'm thin or anything.

I had to go and look up the breakdown of pregnancy weight gain again, because if the baby and placenta are 5kg what on earth else am I carrying around?!

Uterus 1.1 kgs
Breasts 0.5 kgs
Blood 1.4 kgs
Water 1.9 kgs
Fat 2.2 kgs
Subtotal 7.0 kgs

Fetus 3.4 kgs
Placenta 0.7 kgs
Amniotic Fluid 0.9 kgs
Subtotal 5.0 kgs

Total 12.0 kgs

Nearly 3.5kg of extra blood and water! No wonder I am puffy. I have swapped my wedding ring for a silver celtic design ring I used to be able to wear on my middle finger - it is nice and comfy on my ring finger now.

This week at work I cleared my desk and took home all personal items so if the baby arrives I can abandon whatever is left. I've also cleared all personal stuff off my work computer. On Sunday we will be 37 weeks, and "full term". The baby can safely arrive at any time. I don't have any premonitions of early labour, but better to be prepared, right? I wanted the baby carrier installed in the car already, but Milord has booked it for 38.5 weeks... oh well, if she comes early that will be his problem to sort out!

Still to do:
Finish packing the hospital bag.
Assemble the pram.
Stockpile more nappies.
Cook and freeze meals.
...relax and sleep and make the most of couple-time!

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Nat said...

Looking fab, Saffa! Good luck for everything!