Friday, 7 August 2009

House Renovation 2009 - Week 12

I keep forgetting to take photos! "I'll just clean up a bit first..."

We have the main kitchen stone benchtop in place, but they messed up the measurements for the splashbacks and high counter so we're still waiting on those. Milord is fed up with our kitchen people now and has taken on harrassment duties - which is brilliant because I'm rubbish at confrontation!

I am loving the kitchen anyway. I have a sink! And a hob! And a dishwasher! I can cook a meal and clean up without moving more than a couple of steps in any direction, while carrying on a conversation with folk in the lounge or dining areas, or while watching TV. I'm very very happy. I have been celebrating with grilled chops and roast veg, fried steaks and salad, and awesome stir-fries (so Milord is very very happy too) - I may start blogging my cooking again!

The spare loo and handbaisin in the laundry are plumbed in, and we have lights and an extractor fan in there too. We still need an exhaust vent cut for the tumble dryer so I have to direct a flexible exhaust tube out of the door when tumbling but that's not a big deal.

Milord got rid of all unnecessary materials from the backyard last week, and although there is still some stuff stacked around the edges I can at least see my garden furniture again.

I found a fantastic deal on brown leather dining chairs and replaced our manky white fabric stained chairs last week. I have hate hate haaaaated those chairs since I moved in with Milord 4 years ago, and then during our renovation they got left under a leak for a couple of months and are truly disgusting now. Bye bye nasty chairs! We would love to reupholster our lounge suite in the same leather but just don't have the cash...

Still outstanding:

  • Painting of walls, ceiling and trim in the living room, and staining of fences and woodwork.

  • Skirtings.

  • Mozzie screens.

  • Remaining kitchen stone splashbacks and high counter

  • Washing line in the backyard.

Not much left to do - and Milord and I are capable of doing it.

We had our mortgage advance approved and are just waiting for the funds to clear. Then I will pay off the builder, plumber, electrician, council and credit cards - leaving us with... nothing. All I wanted was to be debt-free before the baby comes, so this is just fine!

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