Sunday, 2 August 2009

Third Trimester Solicited Advice - Part 4 - for the bloke

I also asked the Daddies to come up with some advice for Milord:

Stuart (UK)
You will feel absolutely useless for the first 6-8 weeks, more so if Saffa Chick is breastfeeding. Your primary function is to look after mom. Constant reassurance is good, once again, especially where breastfeeding is concerned. That’s about it until baby is a bit bigger. Most of all just enjoy, it may seem like an eternity of sleepless nights and nappies, but before you know you’ll be chasing after a cheeky 2 year old!

Andrew (Australia)

  1. You will most likely be the one to cut the baby's umbilical cord so have a camera handy if you want a photo. (Milord hasn't decided about this yet)
  2. Should things not quite go to plan and a Caesar is required, you should advise the obstetrician prior to the birth should you want to watch the surgical procedure,as things are likely to get quite hectic should they need to switch procedures. the last thing they will want to deal with is a father wanting to ask if he can watch the procedure. I videoed M's birth, but arranged it in advance. (No bloody way is Milord going down the business end!)
  3. Don't plan to work for the first two days as you will be shagged from lack of sleep. It will most likely be you walking with bub in arms in the wee hours of the morning whilst Saffa Chick gets that much needed rest. I went to work the following morning after walking the hospital halls and it was miserable.
  4. I don't think either of you are squeamish, however, when they want to do the heel prick, it can tear at your heartstrings a tad to see your newborn getting jabbed in the heel to draw blood (many times over).
  5. Although we requested anybody with the slightest sign of a cold or flu to stay away, there maybe some selfish fool that just can't resist seeing you and bub and turn up with the lame excuse that "they will not stay long" or "I'll step outside if I am about to sneeze". Say thanks but no thanks and send them home.
  6. Not sure if you are intending to stay the first night or two in the hospital, but we found it to be great to share the moment. You will be of great help when dealing with the midwives. We found that each midwife had a different and compelling reason to do things their way. This can get frustrating and emotional. Staying will be great to help manage and decipher some of that bullshit.
  7. Enjoy every minute as their little lives seem to accelerate so fast. There is nothing to show you how quickly time passes than to have children. I know you have heard this before. I can't believe that our little baby S turns 5 this Thursday.

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Marcelle said...

Hey cuz, love your blog. So interesting to read all of this... will definitely be keeping all of this close when my turn comes. Keep it coming and can't wait to see the little one once she makes her arrival. Not long to go now..... xxx