Friday, 7 August 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 34 and 5 days

Weight: 80kg (+1.5kg since last week)
Bump: 102cm (+1cm since last week)
So, still growing like crazy! I hope it slows down - I have 5 weeks to go and don't really want to gain another 5kg.

I now have the classic pregnancy shape. My belly button hasn't popped yet but it is totally flat and stretched. It's very sensitive too, which considering it hasn't seen the light of day ever in 37 years, makes sense.

We had another scan this week to check on my placenta, which was too close to the cervix at 19 weeks. The good news is that it is now 4.5cm away from my cervix, and google tells me that anything over 4cm is safe. I'm seeing my doctor on Monday and obviously I'll take his advice, but I expect him to say a vaginal birth will be fine. We also double-checked baby's gender, and she's definitely a girl! I wouldn't reject a boy, but we have a girl's name picked out and have been gathering lots of pink clothing so I'm glad she's still a girl.

I've gone through all the goodies that people have been giving us and I was surprised at just how much we have been given! I washed all the baby clothes and bedding etc and it took about 7 loads and in the end our bed was covered in piles of cuuute pink and pastel items. We also have been given toys and bottles and high chair and bath and and and... people have been so generous! Apart from disposable things like nappies I think we have everything we need for her now.

The baby's room is currently a mess as I need to get into the drawers and empty and clean them before I can pack stuff away. We also still have a few items in there that are waiting to get moved into the roof out of the way. We have a guest coming over the weekend so now I have an incentive to get that room shipshape asap.

We started ante-natal classes last Saturday - these run for 2 consecutive Saturdays at the hospital where I'm giving birth. Last Saturday was the "Birth" class. We toured a delivery suite and a post-natal suite (both quite nice), discussed labour and birth and pain relief options and watched a couple of disturbing videos. Tomorrow is the "Parenting" class - breastfeeding and bathing and sleeping I guess.

My sister asked me why Milord had come along to the classes... Most of her friends with babies in South Africa are not white and it seems in the non-white culture the man does not get involved in the birth at all. Well, in Australia it would be very peculiar for a father not to be involved in the birth of his child. While a lot of the information might be aimed at the woman at least he'll have that knowledge to draw upon when she can't speak during labour!

The other night my mother referred to her contractions (having my sister - I was an emergency c/s) as "twinges", and said that between her waters breaking (right at the start of the twinges) and getting to the hospital my sister almost made an appearance. To which I say: "Oh please, oh please, oh please, let my labour be fast with mere twinges too!"

In Australia it is normal to stay in hospital for 4 nights after childbirth (fully covered by our health insurance). It sounds like this is unusual compared to other countries, and we'll be taking full advantage. Milord can stay nights on a sleeper couch if he wants to, and there is a night nursery if you need a short break from your baby (yes yes I know, but if we were at home Milord would be taking her from time to time to give me a break anyway).

Ages ago a friend offered to organise my baby shower, and then I heard nothing more about it. The other day I risked being rude and pushy and asked her if she still wanted to do so, and I believe it is going to be at the end of August. Over here any gifts at the baby shower are token and it's more about just celebrating the impending arrival of the baby, so I'm not being greedy, I just want an afernoon of tea and cakes and champagne with a bunch of women talking about babies!

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