Monday, 4 May 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 21

Just back from a checkup with my Ob/Gyn - all is well. My fundal height is 22 cm (my uterus is just above my belly button), BP is good, and we listened to baby's heartbeat after a bit of poking around. My Doc says she's moving around a lot and hard to pin down! My placenta is a little too close to my cervix, so I'll need another scan later to check that it has moved - if not then I'll have to have a c-section. It should move though. Hope so.

My weight is steadily creeping up, pretty much bang on 0.5kg (1lb) per week, as expected/required. I have a very faint line developing from my girly bits to my belly button. I bounced along starkers to Milord to show him on the weekend, but he didn't find it as exciting as I do... tch.

I do try to involve him in what's happening, but it's all so inside that it's difficult to share. I can tell him the baby is moving, but he can't feel it yet - and at this rate won't feel it for several weeks (I can't even feel it on the outside yet). From his perspective he must feel that he just has a wife who is constantly tired, constantly hungry, constantly needing a wee, doesn't seduce him, won't kick back and get drunk, and is getting fat. On the up-side there is lots of awesome food in the house, he always has a designated driver and there is no competition over wine!

[I am sick to death of being the designated driver - driving a drunk man home late at night several times over the weekend is not my idea of fun. And then he snores all night. Joy.]

We're having fun picking names. We've decided we like "classic" names. 80/100 year-old names. What, do you imagine, is the best resource for old names? Especially if you have the weekend papers delivered? The obituaries! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. That is so going to come out at her 21st!

Names we won't be considering from this weekend's obits: Euphemia; Wilhemina; Mildred; Gwendoline; Maud; Bertha.

And on the subject of death... there were a few sorrowful notices in there about babies. Week-old babies, 3-month-old babies. Reading them made my throat close and my eyes well up - it's all a bit close to home. When we passed 12 weeks I remember how Milord finally relaxed and embraced the new life we had created, and he said "I now understand why our friends who recently miscarried at 12 weeks were so upset". That feeling only gets stronger - if anything was to happen to my half-term baby right now I don't think I'd cope. I guess that's going to be true for the rest of my/her life now?


Update: quick measurements this week - bump 92cm (+1cm), weight 73kg (+0.5kg). Right on target!

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