Friday, 29 May 2009

House Renovation 2009 - Week 2

This is a bit late, but pretend it's Monday!

The scene last weekend:

Front yard (we have ripped up the cement covering all this that made a sort of ramp for the old lady living here before us)

Back yard (laundry dungeon gone, new concrete footing for new laundry poured)

Inside the living area looking to the back (ceiling gone)

Inside the living area looking to the front (part of house we are living in boarded off)

Kitchenette, on other side of boards. No oven, stove or sink. We wash up in the bathroom.

We're surprisingly comfortable in our 2 rooms and bathroom - it's like being in a 1-bedroom flat. The front room is the lounge/study, where I play xbox "keeping Milord company" while he works from home and I'm off sick. I am now addicted to Civilization - I'm on to level 3 and am getting my butt kicked! I'm missing having a yard to sit in... I suppose I could go out back among the bricks, cement and roofing, but it doesn't appeal!

We finally got our Development Approval this week, but we had to drop the shed/storeroom from our plans. Once they've inspected our renovation we'll sneakily build it anyway, like every other house in the street (shhh)!

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