Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I dreamed last night. I dream every night, but this one stayed with me.

In my dream my man abruptly left me for a reason I simply couldn't comprehend. My mom and my aunt and my sister came and one by one they held me and all I could do was shudder and weep, clinging to them like a drowning girl hanging onto seaweed. The doorbell rang and my sister told she'd send whoever it was on their way, but in hope I beat her to the door and there he was. Silently he held me, and I cried, angry and despairing and unable to let go.

I woke whimpering in the dark to the deep breathing bulk of my husband, tears on my cheeks.

Where did that come from? And why was the man in my dream not my beloved lifesoulmate, but a shadow from my past?


Kat said...

Aren't really "real" dreams like that a bit disconcerting?! W hen you wake up feeling teary and so emotionally drained by the experience, which just seemed like reality despite the fact it was only in your head. However whilst disconcerting I kind of like the fact that you really feel what you have been dreaming. When it is the opposite and you have a very happy, feeling loved sort of dream then you wake up feeling so fabulous! Don't have dreams that real very often, but always makes me think twice when I do.

Anonymous said...

you know i always have dreams that seem real. maybe it a past life or you want us there. i am surpised i am in the dream. love Cait