Thursday, 14 May 2009

Losing it...

I'm losing things.

I've been hearing about "Preggy Brain" for ages. Or "Placenta Brain" which just sounds gross. They say pregnant women start getting really confused and forget stuff, and there is no real explanation. The only explanation I've come across is lack of sleep, but that is most definitely not my problem. If sleep was a sport I'd be earning medals in it! ("enjoy it while you can!" fuck off already)

Last weekend Milord and I packed up half the house and moved it into storage or into the roof. (By "we" I mean I got to point at stuff and go "that too" a lot!)

Because Milord's had a bad track record with key sets I took the keys to the storage padlock off him as soon as I could for safekeeping. And promptly lost them. Within 5 minutes. 4 days later we still haven't turned them up! I have no idea what I did with them and I was completely sober so that's not an excuse any more. It is most baffling.

Yesterday the lip balm that I know I left in my jeans pocket was not there, or anywhere else.

I'm losing my mind. Aaargh

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waterbob said...

The Antarctic ship I was on had the library keys on the bridge. The theory was that if somebody wanted a book they collected the key, exchanged the books and brought the key back. Seeing as the bridge was always manned, the library was available 24 hours a day. Actually a lot of folk got distracted along the way back, forgot the key in the pocket and it turned into a search saga. Solved that by making a keytag 30cm X 5cm from a piece of wood so that it couldn't fit into a pocket ot hide under a sheet of paper.
Good luck in your search!