Monday, 18 May 2009

House Renovation 2009 - Week 1

Just over a week ago my house looked like this (old photos from past postings):

Living Room


Spare Bedroom

Now it looks like this:

Living Room (the kitchenette against one wall is going to be blocked off from the rest of the space sometime this week, before the roof comes off...)

Backyard (diggers, argh!)

Spare Bedroom (now the temporary sitting room)

Problems so far:

  • 1. Our mains water stopcock (and that of the neighbour) runs down the middle of the side passageway. Where the diggers have to come through. So we have to move them.

  • 2. We started digging the foundation of the new wall to run alongside our neighbour's extension, only to discover his bit doesn't have foundations! So we're going to have to stabilise his construction and switch ours from a brick wall to a timber framed wall (because you can't dig lower than your neighbour's foundation - which isn't there).

  • 3. Although we were verbally assured that our plans had been approved by council and that we could begin, they had a mixup and approved someone else's instead. While hurrying ours along after the mistake was noticed they found 4 more items on our plans to query. After we've started! Demolishing! Walls!

Of course this all costs extra too.

Oh what fun.


waterbob said...

Hey Chick - sorry for your troubles! One thing I have learnt the hard way is that a verbal assurance isn't worth the paper it is written on. Next time it'll go better. Don't stress though, SHE'll notice. A mof friend of mine used to say 'think blue!' when things were getting exciting and he wanted to calm down.Keep smiling and ... think blue!

greytonsal said...

Having built and renovated houses several times now, I can assure you that it never goes smoothly! Though you do seem to be having more problems than usual, but I think that is just to do with the rotten way they threw up buildings in the past. Still, good training for the future! Having said that - I would love to get my hands on something to renovate! I must be bored and out of my mind!