Thursday, 21 May 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 23 and 4 days

Weight: 73.5kg (+1kg from week 20, +2kg since start)
Boobs: 99cm (same as week 20, +1cm since start)
Ribs: 83cm (same as week 20, +1cm since start)
Waist: 93cm (+2cm from week 20, +6cm since start)
Hips: 100cm (+1cm from week 19, +2cm since start)
Thigh: 58cm (same as week 20, same as start)

I am gaining on average 0.5kg (and 0.5cm across the belly button) per week, which is right on target and I'm following the desired curve of my "safe gain" graph nicely.

I feel huge. Already. And I have just over 16 weeks growing to come! Slowly but surely my clothing choices are narrowing down - I need to go shopping for tops again but it just isn't that much fun shopping for maternity gear!

I'm feeling well, although last night I was violently ill shortly after dinner. Milord had exactly the same thing and was fine - I guess I'm a bit sensitive. Personally I think it was the slightly unripe persimmon for dessert that set me off. It was a very uncomfortable hour while my body got rid of everything I'd eaten since Monday (god, some women have this for months on end)?! Then I shivered off to sleep and feel fine today, if a bit tired. I think I'll sneak home early for a lie down.

I now understand why pregnant women dash to the loo so much. It is partly the reduced space for the bladder, but mostly it's the little person inside suddenly squirming all over the poor abused bladder!

I reckon Milord should be able to feel her now. Tonight when she gets active I'll see if he can feel my tummy bounce around. The "kicking" is not like I expected - I always thought it was a poke here then a poke there - but it's all over the place at once! She's doing star-jumps! Luckily I don't really feel that much from the inside yet (unless it's right on my bladder), so my sleeping is still ok. Rolling over is getting harder though...


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