Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 22 and 3 days

Weight: 73kg. I didn't get around to the measuring tape - having a bunch of builders turn up at the front door at 7am every day is mildly distracting.

My weight actually skyrocketed last week and I began to panic - "I'm only supposed to gain half a kilo a week!". I think it was bloating perhaps, but I also replaced the jelly beans and salt and vinegar chips that had somehow crept into my afternoon snack with fruit (don't know how that happened!), and over the weekend I dropped back down again.

Pics for your delectation, even with clothes on this week! I'm sure I look bigger with clothes on...

These are taken first thing in the morning. By the time I come home at night I'm bigger, because food has nowhere to go!

Hmm what else? I'm feeling the baby move more and more - I can almost feel her from the outside. She has a busy spell every couple of hours... I'm not sure if she's reacting to when I eat something or if that's coincidence. Eating so often it's hard to tell!

It's chilly here - around 12C in the mornings. Of course none of my winter coats fit now, so a friend has lent me a "swing coat" which is perfect and should see me through winter. She's a very stylish lady, and I'm sure this black cashmere coat is worth half my monthly salary... I'm terrified of something happening to it! It's lovely and cosy though.

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