Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hols 2

I'm still on holiday, and this week Milord is on hols with Mom and me too.

Last week was very very hot - up into the 30s every day. Mom was struggling with the change from the English winter so we kept our activities light. She joined us for lunch a few times, but otherwise kept close to the house and attempted to meet the challenge I had set her: to plan and cook meals I might like!

For a few meals I ended up eating the vegetables around meat dishes, but we also had cheese-on-toast and cheese-and-tomato sandwiches! Macaroni cheese was a definite hit. I think the others are sick of cheese, but it's one of the few things I can handle.

On Friday night we went to watch Quantum of Solace at the open-air cinema. We were at the front of the queue at the gate (picnicking on a rug) so were well placed to nab a decent vantage point for the movie. We hired beanbags to lie on and pulled out wine and nibbles (and fruit juice for me). I thoroughly enjoyed the movie - none of us had seen it before. I really like the new Daniel Craig James Bond films. It was a lovely way to spend a warm night. Mom and Milord got through 3 bottles of wine and I drove home!

On the weekend they forecast highs in the mid 30s, but the forecast for the following week was for cool and wet, so Mom and I decided to hit the beaches. Madness to go to the beach in such heat, but we figured we'd just stay in the sea... Actually we were lucky and there was a cool onshore breeze which pushed the temp down to the mid 20s, and we were very comfortable under our beach umbrella. Oddly enough the sea itself was freezing! There must have been an upwelling of cold water from Antarctica.

On Saturday we went to Shelley Beach - a small sheltered beach near Manly - and did a bit of snorkeling. We saw loads of fish, it's not a bad snorkel. After about half an hour I was cold, so we headed back to our towels and watched people all afternoon.

On Sunday we went to Bondi. We wandered into the waves for a swim, and after less than a minute I had to get out - my feet had already gone blue! It was a little too windy for our umbrella and we were worried about sunburn so we packed up and moved on. We had an amble about the Botanical Gardens in central Sydney and ended up sprawled on our picnic blanket under a tree for a couple of hours before heading home.

This week has been much cooler. We've done a bit of shopping and touristy stuff around town. Today we had lunch in Chinatown then explored the Chinese Gardens. It's been a nice chilled-out week.

Milord has been putting together the Development Application for our house extension, and has also finished putting up the towel rails and shelves in the bathroom. It looks fantastic!

Tomorrow we might go to Sydney zoo, or perhaps have a seafood lunch overlooking the sea. Life is hard...

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