Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hols 3

I still have a week of holiday to go, but Milord is back at work. Today I fly to South Africa and Mom flies to Brisbane to join her friend for a week before heading home.

While I think about it - Milord spoiled me rotten on Valentines Day! It's not usually his sort of thing and we'd been busy so I didn't get around to picking up a card for him, assuming that he wouldn't get anything for me. Well, on Valentines Day morning he surprised me with not only a card, but also a huge bunch of flowers hidden in his closet! What a lovely gesture - I felt really bad for not making an effort myself... and then he cooked us a fabulous fish pie for dinner.

It has been raining steadily for most of the past week. We've been shopping, watched movies and visited a museum. Many books have been read and I may have snuck in the occasional afternoon nap. It's been very restful, and although I would have preferred sunny weather for Mom's visit we've still had a nice time.

Of course today the weather is hot and sunny, while we pack our bags and get ready to go to the airport!

I am not looking forward to my flight. Getting to Cape Town from Sydney takes 20 hours at the best of times, but now Singapore Airlines has changed the route and we're stopping in Johannesburg too so now my journey is more than 24 hours! Alone. Sober. Unable to take sleeping pills. aaargh. My appetite seems to be improving at last, but I have packed a few muesli bars just in case I can't eat the airline food.

I wonder if I will be able to find a massage in Singapore airport during my transfer? That would be nice.

The reason I'm off to South Africa is to go to my old friend Heidi's wedding. She is marrying her Kiwi baby-daddy at last and she sounds so happy. They live in Auckland but because Heidi is a saffa chick too they are marrying in her home country - on a wine estate. It should be stunning - she tells me she has lost her baby weight and more! Beeyotch.

I am hovering just over 70kg myself. While this is far from thin (it's 2kg over my own wedding weight) at least it means I can comfortably fit into my sexy red dress! My baby bump is still hidden deep within my hippage so I don't have to worry about it yet.

One advantage of generous hips, eh?

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Suzanne said...

Oooh, Bluebottle gets to be an international traveler before even making her/his debut!

Enjoy your time with friends!