Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Weight Update

Another month, another update… eek not good. No excuses, I’m just struggling with my willpower lately! Down a smidgen, but far from convincingly…

I have just signed up for the City to Surf 14km fun run in August again. Hopefully that will be a decent incentive for me to get out and do some exercise on the weekends. We have been hibernating a bit during winter, watching far too much TV and eating and drinking too much, which undoes any good achieved during the week.

Last year I overdid my training a bit and hurt my ankle, so I’ll keep things sensible this time. I’ve also worked out that the running shoes I had last year were crap, because the moment I replaced them my ankle trouble cleared up almost immediately! That will teach me to buy cheap running shoes!

Milord has bad knees so he won’t be joining me for the fun run, but I hope I can talk him into picking up our Bay challenge again. I really used to enjoy racing him, and it was a huge boost to know he was chasing me!

Weight Graph May:

Weight Graph to Date:


jedijawa said...

Wow! You've seen such great improvement! Keep it up!

I'm trying to do something similar over here. I need to get my weight back down and get my distance running back up. I think that the two things will work inversely to the other (I hope). So far it has been tough but it is starting to get a little easier. :-)

Kat said...

I keep forgetting it is your winter now :) Seems so strange when it is sunny here (although as usual interspersed with should have seen it pour on Tuesday! But has been lovely yesterday and today).

Tink said...

I am so impressed! Hoop looked at me the other day, with a rice crispie treat in his mouth, and said "I think I'd like to lose weight."