Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Mid Winter

We have finally passed the longest night - from now onwards the days should get longer and the nights shorter. Yay! I'm having difficulty getting up in the morning and I'm tired of leaving work in the dark.

This week has been clear and quite cold - the house we are renting doesn't have central heating and if we run the electic heater at the same time as anything else (like the kettle) it trips the house. Most annoying! So we sit around in layers of warm clothing and I've bought myself the first pair of slippers I've needed since leaving South Africa.

But then again it's not a patch on winter in the UK! The sky is light by the time I finish my shower in the morning, and by the time I am halfway through my walk to work I am warm enough to unzip my light jacket and remove my gloves. No scraping ice off my car and arriving at work in the dark.

Milord and I have just booked ourselves a sailing holiday in October as something to look forward to. Woohoo! We are a bit stressed out with our renovations and I'm not looking forward to moving into the new place at all because it will only be half finished. I reckon that by October we are going to need a break! I've been squirreling money away for the last couple of months as a holiday fund and we have about half what we need to cover our hol - by October the rest will be paid off too so that's ok.

The house is coming along... 90% of the ceilings are in and the builder is starting work on the new floor joists. We've bought the internal doors and have decided on our paint colours (pale grey and gloss white outside, pale cream and gloss white inside). The plumber should start as soon as the floors are up, and the electrician should be able to finsh off shortly. Our main issue now is that we somehow ordered our bathroom tiles from Italy (!) and they won't be here until August. We'd hoped to be in the house by then but I am. not. moving. into. a. house. with. no. decent. bathroom. There is a truly foul shower room out the back but I can't bear it! Milord reckons he can get the old shower room liveable... we shall see!

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