Friday, 27 April 2007

The Bay Challenge

Not far from where I live there is a well maintained pedestrian and bicycle track that runs along the edge of Iron Cove bay. It incorporates a bridge which turns the track into a circuit approximately 7km long, and is known as "The Bay".

For the last few months Milord and I have been having a race around it almost every Sunday - he does three circuits on his bike, and I jog it. I'm not much of a jogger, so it's jolly hard work, and although Milord enjoys cycling 21km is a long way!

The first time we did it I mostly walked, and finished in 61 minutes, and Milord managed 58 minutes. For the next several weeks I slowly knocked my time down and now I jog more than I walk and I am pretty close to breaking 50 minutes. I actually managed to beat Milord the last couple of times!

I'll cut him a bit of slack though, as he had a nasty throat and nose operation in February that put him out of action for over a month, and then we went away on holiday, so he's not been training much. From May he has no excuse though!

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