Friday, 13 June 2008

Peeing onna stick


This morning I did a pregnancy test because... well, I was just curious I guess.

I'm not late but I'm due in a couple of days - and I'm planning a decadent weekend of wine and pate and all the things you shouldn't have so I wanted to check first just in case I should be having water instead...

Yeah. Funny thing.

That's the first time ever that I've been disappointed to see a negative result!


Grumpy Chair said...

Man, I'm sorry.

To "get" Fang Jr. - we . . . ahem(ed) everyday in February. Thankfully it was a short month.

Saffa Chick said...

LOL! I'm about to propose something like that to Milord once Aunt Flo is gone. We'll see how he takes that - he's already muttering about how I'm pouncing on him too much and it's only been one cycle!