Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Weight today: 69.5kg
Actually I was expecting it to be worse after my weekend of excess! So I'm not too upset.

I have got to get back into my gym routine. I used to go religeously 3 times a week, but now I find myself looking for something else to do instead. Lunch with Milord, running errands, even just sitting reading blogs!

I think my problem is... I don't like my gym! It's just too busy and crowded. I like to do floor work for toning so I need a space for my mat, ball and free weights, and the available space is tiny and being fought over by other people including personal trainers and their clients. Large sweaty men invade my personal space and it's just too uncomfortable! Last week I only went once because it was my "treadmill" day - I'm running 5km once a week and trying to get my time down (36 min down from 37 min, yes I know that's pathetic, I'm working on it!).

There is another branch of my gym a few blocks away which is much bigger. I think I will go and check it out today - apparently it has a "Ladies Only Training Area". I don't mind working out with blokes but that does sound rather nice! Plus they have yoga and pilates - good for toning and I can count on a space in the class if the work out areas are full.


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