Friday, 19 August 2011

New Cupboards!

A few weeks ago we had new cupboards installed: wardrobes in the master bedroom and an AV cabinet in the lounge. Milord's boss paid for them in lieu of overtime or a bonus. We're very chuffed!

This was the AV cabinet when it was just built... it's a bit of a snarl at the moment while Milord sorts out cables - I'll take another shot when he's finished!

These are our bedroom cupboards - my photo stitching program is having issues, things aren't really so wonky! My bedroom is now very white!

And this is the cot ready and waiting for Zeus in the corner of our room. We'll put up with him for as long as possible before moving him into Princess' room with her... Hopefully about 3 months but who knows!? The cot blocks a set of cupboards so we have stuff in there that we don't need to get at too often. Princess seriously covets the mobile!

I've been following an enormously pregnant with twins Girls Gone Child as she prepares the nursery for her girls... I wish we had a big enough house for me to do this. As it is I've been avoiding doing much with Princess' room because not only is the spare double bed in there (guess where Granny sleeps?!), but I've always expected another child to join her. So apart from stickers on the wall that's about it.

Someday, when I grow up, I'll have a room for each of my kids and a proper guest room!


waterbob said...

Wow! A whole bunch of posts at once. The cupboards look great and the pics of Princess bring joy. And you're looking good if scarily large. We will thinking of you and the newby this week. Gotta happen soon or you'll explode!

Janey said...

I lie awake at night wondering if you have gone into labour. So exciting!

greytonsal said...

Cupboards look great and Zeus' corner very sweet. Any day now - I am expecting my phone to ring at any time! Lots of love and one week one day for me!!!!

Hedgehog said...

Its now the 26th, your mom leaves UK tomorrow on her way to you all, and I wonder if you have gone into labour yet? Lots of love and we are all thinking of you and Zeus! xxx