Saturday, 6 August 2011

36 Weeks

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 36 weeks: 80.5kg
Loss/Gain since last post: 0.5kg
Total Loss/Gain: 6kg

This past week has been a lot better than the one before. While my ribs are still sore they are not agonising, and Zeus seems to have shifted off my bladder a little so that's not so squashed either. I actually thought he'd dropped, but my doctor says he's still high - so it must just be me stretching to accommodate him!

Having said that though, I'm not exactly comfortable and I'm getting very tired whenever I do anything... Just rolling Princess up to the shops and back has me aching and in need of a nap! By shortly after dinner time I usually go to bed because lying down is the only position that is remotely comfy... I'm just a bundle of fun! During the night I wake every hour or two to wee and roll over - luckily I have no trouble getting back to sleep, although it's still a very broken night. I'm not going to complain about being able to sleep most of 9 hours a night though - I know what's just around the corner!

I asked Milord the other day to try and be home by bathtime each night to handle Princess in and out of the bath, and he's decided to do a whole lot better than that and start working flexitime and several days a week from home. He'll be doing this until Zeus comes, at which time Milord will take 2 weeks full leave and then go back to flexitime for as long as I need him to. How awesome is that! We are so lucky that Milord can do the bulk of his work remotely.

I'm looking pretty big. My belly button has popped out now, which didn't happen with Princess. It's just a tiny jelly-tot of a pop-out that you can't see through my clothes yet... I think it looks funny.

Hmm what else? I've mostly packed my hospital bag and am working on an overnight bag for Princess. A couple of ladies in my Mothers Group who work parttime have offered to take her during labour, which is a huge relief. We have no family nearby and all our friends work fulltime, so I'm not sure what we would have done otherwise! My Mom gets here in 3 weeks, but we need a contingency plan in case Zeus comes early.

Apart from that I'm getting the newborn carrier installed in the car next week, and that's pretty much everything organised! The cot is made up in our bedroom and I have the nappies etc ready. By Thursday Zeus will be "full-term" and safe to come out, and we'll be ready to meet him!


greytonsal said...

So organised! Not long now and we get to meet the Little Prince - Yay!

Nat said...

Looking fab, Saffa :-)
Good luck in case Zeus arrives early...