Wednesday, 31 August 2011

He's here!

James Robert Bl@ckadder arrived on Monday 29 August at 11:37am weighing 3.2kg (7lb).

My labour started with my waters breaking at 2:30am without contractions. At 3:30am I had mild contractions, at 4:30am I was hurting so we went to hospital, at 7am I was 4cm dilated and calling for an epidural, and after that it was plain sailing. James has been a very easy baby so far...

Sorry the announcement has taken so long - we have been having technical difficulties! I still can't get the darn laptop to see the camera but I'll upload pics as soon as I can... He looks just like Princess did except with his Dad's dimples and chin - seriously cute ;-)

My Mom arrived here on Sunday evening (how's that for timing!?) and is taking care of Princess. Princess is having a ball and doesn't seem to mind the new man in Mummy's life! Yet.

We will come home on Friday.

James needs a nickname. Any suggestions?


Nat said...

Yay!! Been wondering when we would hear the good news :-) Big congratulations to you all and so pleased it went smoothly and your mom made it in time!
Look forward to the pics of JR when you get chance...
Hugs xxx

Suzanne said...

Congratulations! Granny did have perfect timing, didn't she?

I'll get back to you on a nick name for the new littlie. ;)

Shona said...

Congrats to you, Milord, Princess. How very fabulous!!

waterbob said...

In the Afrikaans tradition,one's often known by your position in the family i.e Kleinboet, Ouboet, Ouma and so on. Seeing as he is now the brother to the Princess, I suggest Boet.