Friday, 19 August 2011

38 Weeks

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 38 weeks: 81kg
Loss/Gain since last post: 1.5kg
Total Loss/Gain: 6.5kg
Bump Circumference: 106cm

2 weeks until my due date! We are now past the point where Princess made an appearance and into new territory... which doesn't feel that different to last week except it's possible I am quicker to tire and get achy. I try to get all chores done in the morning, have a lie down when Princess naps, and then take it easy in the afternoon.

Princess has been introduced to play-dough this week, and will happily play with it for ages in her highchair with mummy, which is a very nice creative way to sit still! Milord tries to be home by 5pm to help out and that's brilliant.

I've begun putting on weight again. I have no idea why I stopped but it could have just been less puffiness. I'm carrying several extra litres of fluid, so the potential to fluctuate is there. Funnily enough I'm only 1cm bigger around the middle than at 35 weeks, but I think the bump is generally larger all over.

I feel pretty good, considering. Take your time coming Zeus - let's wait for Granny to get here in 10 days!

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