Saturday, 26 February 2011

Your Princess Fix

Princess has discovered cuddling Teddy (she's actually saying "Cuddle!" here),

read books with Daddy,

played with post-it notes with a little "help" from Mummy,

and experienced finger paint for the first time! (She thinks it's a bit messy at the mo)


greytonsal said...

Such a cheeky grin! I can remember how you disliked mucky hands when you were little too, but very artistic all the same!

waterbob said...

Great pics - developing into such a character, isn't she? Thanks for the fix.

Suzanne said...

His lordship's weight loss is quite noticible. Bravo!

And that smile is so delicious. I love the picture fixes of a littlie.

Kat said...

So cute!!

Hedgehog said...

She is absolutely divine but needs to hurry with the word GRANNY before your mom gets there!!