Saturday, 26 February 2011

13 Weeks

Not much new to say here since my last post...

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 13 weeks: 70.5kg
Loss/Gain since last week: -0.5kg
Total Loss/Gain: -4kg

And I suppose I'd better start recording these too:
Thigh: 57cm
Waist: 91cm

They're both definitely smaller than at conception as I can fit into trousers now that I couldn't a few months ago.

That waist measurement is 4cm more than this time in Princess' pregnancy. I was a lot fitter then (and had been doing sit-ups like mad to hide my pregnancy!), and my tummy has never quite recovered from preggy #1, so I guess that makes sense. The thigh measurement is the same as it was back then.

Interesting to be the same weight and thigh circumference as last time!

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