Sunday, 6 February 2011

Phew! and a Princess Fix

It has been so hot!

Thank heavens Milord convinced me to put in air conditioning last year... we have been hiding indoors except for visits to pools while outside gets to silly temperatures.

While the whole week has been well over 30C (86F), yesterday it got to 41C (105.8F)! Our aircon struggled, but at least it held the house to 30C and below. We left the aircon running all night as it never got below 30C overnight, and today the temps got to 34C before a cold front finally arrived. I've been tracking the approach of the cold front for days, praying for it to save us from the infernal heat, and now it is 21C (69.8F) outside and 25C inside (77F)! Milord is cold!

I realised I haven't been taking photos of Princess - just been a bit unmotivated in the heat! Here are a few to make up for it.

Princess is a total bookworm. Several times a day she kneels in front of her bookshelf and pulls down the books, saying "Book!" and whinging until I join her to read one (or several) books. I use books as bait to make her pull herself up to standing against the couch, and then we read books with her standing up. (Princess isn't pulling herself up voluntarily yet, which she needs to practice)

Doesn't she look skinny standing up?! I can't get over how 1-year-olds shoot up like weeds.

Playing on daddy is a favourite pastime. One me too, but daddy is much rougher and she loves it!

Yesterday, before it got so hot, we took Princess to the beach for the first time since she was 4 months old. She enjoyed the sand but hated the sea - I think the waves freaked her out. If I stood in the surf holding her she moaned, and if the waves wet her then she screamed. Next time we'll find a tidal pool without waves...

In other Princess News she has started swimming "classes" once a week. We sing songs and dunk them under and encourage kicking and paddling and so on. The hope is that Princess will become confident enough to be able to bob up and get to the side if she falls in... She mostly enjoys herself, and afterwards spends some time in the shallow toddler pool which has bubbles and fountains. She loves that! When I decide we've had enough and pick her up she fights me, but then is very happy to see a snack and has a great nap!

Last weekend Milord fixed a baby carrier to "my" bicycle (his old refurbished bike) and we took Princess for a short ride along the river. It's a front baby seat which attaches to the frame between my knees, and she really enjoyed it. She kept saying "Ooooh!" and chattering to me, and it was good fun. I was surprised - I really thought she hate the carrier or the helmet, but she was fine.

I wish we'd taken photos. Her yellow bike helmet is so enormous she looked like a happy mushroom! I'll take some next time.

I'll try not to be so long between Princess Fixes from now on!


greytonsal said...

Ahh! That's better, I was feeling quite deprived! Lovely photos, isn't she growing up fast! Thanks for all the news, 4 weeks until I can join in! Lots of love to you all.

Janey said...

Yes, it's astonishing how cold 25 feels after the mid-thirties. We have just had the same experience, but thankfully we did not get higher than 35. Princess really is the prettiest child ever. Gorgeous photos.

Lisa said...

OMG! The heat would make me so grumpy. The ONLY reason that I think I tolerate work in Summer is that you get to have aircon and the days pass in an oblivious self-pity party without being aware of the temperature outside. Except when you get to go home and ONCE AGAIN, it's pouring down and you can't exercise and the kilograms creep onto your ass until by your 40th Birthday you need a crane to get you out of your house...oh wait. This is not about me!

Grace is just the most beautiful child I have seen. I love your pictures of her. Thanks for the update.

waterbob said...

Yep the fix came just in time!You don't say which beach - when we were there the left hand side of Bondi looked great with almost a kids shallow area with hardly a wave. Of course you have to make your way past the topless aunties to get there but it will be worth the effort.
The longer hair is looking lovely and we really miss seeing that - as well as the lovely parents of course!