Friday, 11 February 2011

Lite 'n Easy

Milord is doing brilliantly on Lite 'n Easy! He has lost 9kg in a month, without going hungry. Absolutely amazing!

He's been so good too - he hasn't touched any alcohol, and if he gets the munchies he snacks on celery, carrots and fruit. He cycles to and from work most days, and has been doing laps in the swimming pool a couple of times a week.

Milord is now 3kg off his initial goal of 100kg, which he hopes to hit by the end of Feb. At that point he'll slack off a bit and have the odd drink and some steak and salad, but he intends to stay on Lite 'n Easy most days of the week in the hope of getting down into the mid 90s. Which will be smaller than I've known him!

If the Lite 'n Easy people find this blog and fancy using him as their poster boy: drop me a note!

In this photo you might be able to see that he's a lot thinner, especially around the face. (Princess loves tumbling around on our bed - she follows us into the bedroom and kneels up next to the bed saying "Bup! Bup!" until we play with her.)

I went off Lite 'n Easy a while ago - microwave meals just don't do it for me and I'd rather make a toasted sandwich if I'm not cooking for Milord. Having said that - being off the booze and not cooking big meals has caused me to lose 4kg since the start of January! I'm now 70.5kg. My bum has disappeared, I have only one chin, and all over I'm slimmer. I'm comfortably back into my pre-Princess clothes, and loving it! My tummy could be firmer, but that's just a case of exercise.

Annoyingly, Milord can't see my weightloss. He says my flabby tummy gets in the way of his perception. Bastard.


waterbob said...

Fantastic work and congratulations to you both. I envy you your first world and big city access to that sort of thing.

greytonsal said...

Congratulations. How about a photo and we can then see the diffference. 4 kg is a bit loss and I am sure you look super. I am very proud of both of you for making the effort. It is much easier to ignore the weight piling on and then it is too difficult to lose it! Well done and thanks for the lovely photo of Princess.

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