Saturday, 14 August 2010

Baby Led Weaning - Update

Ok, so I never actually stuck with Baby Led Weaning! After a week or two of hand feeding Princess with chunks of food I got fed up and moved to spoon-feeding her lumpy food instead. I am only now starting to introduce finger food that she can feed herself.

The advantage of following BLW for a little while was that Princess never had pureed foods - she mastered her gag reflex very quickly and she was fine on lumpy stuff from 6 months old.

I didn't stick with it because I probably started too soon and Princess wasn't ready to pick up the food herself. The social pressure to have your baby start solids on the day they turn 6 months old is immense, and she really wasn't interested yet. She only started grabbing for my food after 7 months...

...and if was going to hand feed her, then it was easier to make a lumpy spoonable bowl of food.

This week for lunch I started handing Princess skinny strips of sandwich to feed herself. The first got fingered to death and thrown around before I could teach her to bite at it. After that she was totally into the experience. She still can't get to anything in her palm, so a fair bit of food gets thrown when she gives up and chucks it from her.

While Princess has a great pincer grip she doesn't try to eat anything picked up like that. I sometimes sprinkle cooked rice and peas on her highchair tray and she (eventually) picks each one up, peers at it, and throws it around or wipes it into her hair. This puts me off trying her on mac'n cheese etc on her tray!

I should just bite the bullet and do it. At least my floor is wipeable!

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waterbob said...

Hey, who cares about the competition and in any case are the rules that clearly laid down that you can tell who the winner is? Enjoy her and she will let you know when she wants to feed herself. Thank heavens it is only peas and food she is rubbing in her hair - there will be all sorts of other stuff available and she will find it!!