Thursday, 5 August 2010

9 Weeks

The Mother

Your uterus is growing in size, now approximately the size of a softball and can be felt when touching your stomach.

The Baby

Sized at approximately 3.3cm (from head to rump) your baby is changing and can be quite active as it has a fair amount of space to enjoy. Practising bending elbows and wrists, your baby often opens and closes their newly formed mouth. The eyelids have finished forming, but these won't open until much later in the pregnancy.

How big is a softball? I'm not sure that I can feel it - maybe a skinny person could? Enjoy the room Flash, all too soon you're going to be squashed into a ball upside down on top of my bladder!

Gestation: 9 weeks
Weight: 74.8kg
Waist: 89cm
Thigh: 60cm

Yes all those measurements are shrinking... am I the only person in the world who slims down when they are pregnant? Growing babies totally sucks my reserves - luckily I have huge reserves!

How do I feel?
Great! Really great. I don't feel pregnant at all - my appetite is normal and my energy is almost normal. I still nap sometimes in the afternoon when Princess has her sleep - but then I was doing that before I got pregnant if we'd had a rough night! I feel like a fraud when people treat me gently because I'm pregnant... So far I'm really enjoying this pregnancy, which is brilliant.

Nope. Milord keeps buying me icecream and then eating it himself... he did this last time too!

How does Milord feel?
Very happy and very confident. Too confident perhaps, but I prefer this to his anxious attitude last time.

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waterbob said...

It comes across that you are both so much more relaxed about the process than last time. Great to hear how you are managing it.