Thursday, 5 August 2010

11 Months

Wow, my Princess is almost a year old! The past few months have absolutely flown. Time flies when you're having fun - and she has been rather fun of late. When she's not ill or teething then she's just a bundle of joy... Milord and I don't know what we've done to deserve such a delightful soul, but we're loving every moment.

Princess now has 5 teeth (you should be able to see the tip of her second left top incisor) and her 6th is trying to join the party. She eats just about anything except honey or egg white. I'm still spoon-feeding because I can't face the mess, but I think she may be ready for finger food very soon. She can eat a biscuit surprisingly neatly...

Princess has now got the hang of rolling from her front to her back, although she's still unlikely to move from where I put her. She won't sit unsupported for long and isn't trying to crawl, but I'm not too worried.

Over the last couple of weeks Princess has started playing interactively. We play "high five" pats and "bye bye" waves, and I've got her throwing a wooden block back to me across her high chair table - very accurately most of the time! She mimics us all the time, from face squinches to head shakes to waving. I can get her to sing "aaaah" after me when she's in the mood. Sooo cute!

Her vocalising is constant, although I wouldn't say she has words. "Dadadada" doesn't seem to mean "daddy", and there is nothing like "mama" at all. Lots of "gagagoogoo bababa yayaya fafafa" etc. and squeaks and squeals. When I sing her a lullaby at night she now joins in with delighted squeals and googoos.

We have baby-proofed most of the house, and every couple of weeks I host my mother's group and watch the other babies test our defences! So far so good. Milord has fashioned perspex shields in front of the appliances and has made wooden barriers for windows and doorways, and I'm going to get him to make another to block off the kitchen/dining area too. Babies move too fast to have them underfoot while cooking!

Right, I can hear Princess singing in her cot. Time to get her up!

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waterbob said...

What fearsome fangs! You are so fortunate to have a happy child and what a great smile. Lovely!