Thursday, 12 August 2010

10 Weeks

The Mother

As the uterus is now too large to be contained in the pelvis, it starts to push up above your pelvic bone and for some of you, a little bump is noticeable. You may find your clothes are becoming a little tighter.

The Baby

Sized at approximately 4.4cm (from head to rump) at the start of this week, the body is growing into better proportion with the head now. The baby actively moves its arms and legs and also takes little 'naps'.

"A little bump is noticeable." Oh boy, is it ever! I have popped out with a vengeance, and am already wearing my maternity jeans. The normal jeans I was wearing still fit, they're just really uncomfortable when I sit down and the waistband digs into my thickening lower abdomen - so why bother?

Last pregnancy I stayed in my normal trousers for as long as I could. I was determined not to have a bump until I absolutely had to - I think I was in denial! This time I'm embracing my condition... I brought all my maternity wear out of the roof over the weekend and there is more than I remember. Certainly more options than in my current "fat clothes" wardrobe! Awesome.

Gestation: 10 weeks
Weight: 74.8kg
Waist: 89cm
Thigh: 60cm
No changes from last week (my bump is all lower abdomen)

How do I feel?
Marvellous. I get weary in the afternoons and sometimes take a nap when Princess has one, but otherwise I feel just fine.

No...... but I have been allowing myself biscuits and chocolate, and that's becoming a bad habit. One mini-Mars Bar would be ok, but the second, third and fourth tend to queue up behind the first!

How does Milord feel?
Still happy and confident, but what with me being so well and normal I think it slips his mind a bit. Every couple of days he'll suddenly ask "How's Flash doing?" and I know it's occurred to him that we haven't spoken about Flash for ages!

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