Thursday, 11 February 2010


One of the most flattering things in my entire life so far has got to be Princess' reaction when I sing to her. All grumbling stops and she watches me with wide-eyed fascination.

(I tried to upload a video of her staring at me while I sing, but the thing failed... Probably a good thing!)

Princess' evening routine goes something like this:

6:00pm - Bath (wipedown with cloth and moisturiser, then splash in baby bath)
6:30pm - Dry and dress and last feed (usually Milord is home by this time and he gives her the bottle then cuddles her until she is sleepy)
7:00pm - Into the bedroom. Wrapped. Lullabies until whinging stops.
7:15pm - Read a chapter of a book (currently Alice in Wonderland. She loves this, and lies quietly sucking her dummy while I read)
7:30pm - Wind up mobile. Set music playing on the laptop in her room. Stand by for a while re-winding mobile and returning dummy if she is still awake.
7:40pm - Activate monitor and sneak out, even if she is still awake.
7:40pm to 8ish - Return dummy and re-wind mobile whenever she calls.

Generally Princess is asleep by 8pm. On a bad night she will wake and call every 15 minutes for a couple of hours, but eventually she will not need us anymore.

Most nights lately she will sleep through until 6am. That's a brilliant night's sleep for all of us! Most other new parents are jealous ;-)

I've been downloading the lyrics of popular songs to sing (and record to play on the laptop while she sleeps) for Princess.

Fix You (Coldplay).
Say a Little Prayer
Scarborough Fair

Any other suggestions?

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waterbob said...

In the absence of your Gran there were a few that I remember being sung to us when we were toddlers. It was Big Band and couple dancing time so these have a lilting quality and you may enjoy them:
Catch a falling star.
Magic moments.
Bushel and a peck.
Don't let the stars get in your eyes.

You and your sister used to pack up when I sang rock and roll, mostly all the Buddy Holly stuff but then I never had a voice - just loved the music. I look forward to the videos.