Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Let Sleeping Babies Lie

Just a quickie while I wait for Princess to wake up...

It's been a while because I just didn't feel like blogging. Nothing is wrong, I just had a very hormonal week last week. Try and explain that one to the guys!

Headachey, listless, hungry, bloated and blah. The usual. My period turned up on Tuesday which helped a lot but I still didn't feel up to much.

This week is better. Boot camp yesterday and cross trainer this morning. Diet's a bit loopy but I'll blame that on the Princess being unable to sleep yesterday afternoon and I had nothing healthy in the house to eat and I had fierce munchies after my workout!

It was so hot yesterday. I had the house closed up so it was only 30C inside compared to 37C outside... but still not very nice! Princess was fighting her wrap at her 2pm naptime and it was so hot that I took her out of it - and then she couldn't sleep. Not a problem, I'll just let her cry it out and she'll be ok, right? No chance! She cried until her next feed, ate it and went drowsy in my arms and I put her down. Then she cried for another hour when I changed a poopy nappy. And then she cried until 6pm when I got her up for her bath and normal bedtime routine and she finally went off to sleep (wrapped) at 8pm. By which stage I was completely shattered! I don't know what was up with her - I'd go into her room every 15 min and she'd smile and calm down but the moment I left she'd start crying again.

She slept 12 hours last night and has now had a 2 hour morning nap...

...oh, there she is calling! Gotta go and I hope today is better - it's a lot cooler thank goodness!

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Aunt Janey said...

When it's too hot to sleep, I sometimes feel like crying too! I guess she was just miserably hot. Update on the success of the Valentine Dinner, please?