Sunday, 14 February 2010


What does a new mum want on Valentine's Day?

In my case, I asked for a fancy dinner, cooked by my Valentine's own hands! Milord is a brilliant cook although he doesn't pitch in often lately ("all you have to do is ask!" yes, but I shouldn't need to ask, dude!) and I have asked him to cook me 2 of his specialities: Mussels in coconut cream and lamb curry.

Right now Princess is asleep, probably til morning, lamb curry is simmering and the ingredients for the mussels are prepped on the kitchen worktop. Milord is playing xbox and I am catching up on some blogosphere. Romantic much? We did spend all morning in bed with Princess and the newspapers and champagne and her naptime was funtime nudge nudge wink wink, so a superb Valentines Day in Chez Saffa Chick!

I was just catching up with Julie over at A Little Pregnant and she was saying how someone "helping" her with her baby made her blood boil...

I haven't had a moment this extreme but I do have a tale from this week. While out grocery shopping with Princess I was navigating the aisles with the pram when a gorgeous Asian toddler came up to look at the baby. (My area of Sydney is very Asian. Our supermarkets are awesome!) I proudly peeled back her sunshade and the toddler and the Princess had a staring match. "Wow" said AsianMum "He so white!".

Well, ok, so Princess was dressed in white today not pink, but can't you at least ask before labelling the darling baby a boy! And yes she is white. Super white. Not so much peaches and cream as ivory ... but do you have to make that sound like a bad thing? Here in Oz a tan on a baby is considered child abuse, so an ivory baby makes me a good mother, ok?! tch.

"He so big!" she continued. "How old? Five month? Big baby! So chubby!"


She. Is. Not. Fat. Princess is following the curve for the 50th percentile for her age in weight and height. As "normal" as you can get.

But what do you say? I came up with... "uh. yes. she is. thank you."

Not what I was thinking. I won't post what I was thinking. But it wasn't very nice, what I was thinking. *growl*


waterbob said...

What a protective mummy! We all know our littlies are perfect but from folk who are only seeing their own in context of other similar sized and similarly coloured babies, she will seem pale and large. The boy/girl thing will go on for a long time. Your verbal reaction was absolutely right. She looks great and it is how you and the big guy enjoy her that counts.

greytonsal said...

She is gorgeous and that is all that matters! Until the blonde curls start she will always be taken for a boy by some people. Not to worry, there is no stereotype when it comes to babies, as you know from all the different babies in your Moms and Babies group. She is much loved by you both and all the rest of us and looks just right to all us caucasians.