Friday, 26 February 2010

Princess' Room

Princess' bedroom is a bit basic. We have no money to decorate, we're close to trying for #2 who will have to go in there too, and at the moment it is also the guest bedroom with a double bed taking up most of the space.

But I've tried to make it nice!

So, from the right, here we have the chair I used when breastfeeding, which is now used for reading bedtime stories (currently Jock of the Bushveld, the original non-PC version where they still say *cough*k@ffir*cough*).

Then the cot. I have a bumper around the edges she tends to work her way into, and the blanket over the end blocks the light of the nightlight/window. Yes, I know, not entirely safe and I'll do something about it when she can reach it! There is no bedding apart from a bottom sheet because we use sleeping bags and wraps. Princess likes watching the mobile at naptime - we keep winding it up until she falls asleep.

Usually there is also a mosquito net canopy over the cot. I take it off when it's very hot though, as it stops the fanned air from reaching her. Of course those are also the nights that we get mozzies because the house is wide open. *sigh*

Then the change table with nappies etc. The drawers hold her clothes and wraps and blankets.

Next to that is the bin, nappy bin and boxes of nappies, and a wooden toy chest filled with all kinds of things.

You can see part of the double bed too. The foot of it has a blanket over it. The moment you put a baby down without a cloth underneath her she will spit up. The same goes for picking her up against your shoulder without a cloth over it. On the blanket is a sheet with a sleeping bag in the middle. I try to have the nap items ready so that when we come Princess goes directly into the sleeping bag and gets wrapped in the sheet.

At nighttime I'll stand over her and sing lullabies, then lift her into the cot, wind up the mobile, and read from the book for 15 minutes. Then I turn out the light and wander off, returning every few minutes to wind up the mobile if she calls. During the day she doesn't need all that palaver to go to sleep...

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greytonsal said...

It looks very bright and pleasant. I am sure she appreciates the pretties on the wall and I love the name on the door. Do you a little 'Granny' notice too?