Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Post Preggy Body

As I said in my last post, Princess is 3 weeks old. So, my body has had 3 weeks to recover from pregnancy and birth...

...can I just say that I almost feel like a fraud when I say "recover from birth"? My experience was so relaxed and painfree it seems like there should be nothing to recover from. It is only when I go for a walk and develop an ache afterward that I think "Oh yeah, I gave birth the other day! Better take it easy".

As with most things to do with Princess I have been very lucky. When we got home from hospital I was only 4kg over my pre-conception weight, and I've lost 2 of those since. I am not dieting by any means, but I don't seem to have the uncontrollable munchies that other breastfeeding women talk about so the extra weight is gently melting off. If I was to cut out the chocolate, cheese and pate I'm sure I could drop those final kilos easily but a girl needs a reason to get out of bed, right?

I am still in maternity jeans because I can't get into my pre-preggy trousers. They say my hips will have widened to help childbirth... I hope my hips go back into place or I will have to go up a pants size! Or is this a myth and it's a new fat distribution? These trousers have fitted me in the past when I was this weight... I wonder.

My tummy is obviously a bit flabby, but with my bigger hips and boobs it sort of looks ok - it took me a while to get used to a soft tummy again after 6 months of carrying a hard drum around! My tummy muscles are very soft and stretched, but I'm doing a few gentle core and ab exercises every day (when I remember) and I think I feel a little toning happening under the flab. I also do pelvic floor exercises at random times in the day when I think of it, and sneezing is less likely to make me damp myself!

Princess and I go for a walk every few days, but I'd rather be catching up on sleep instead so if she is settled we don't go anywhere. Today I napped. Yesterday she was screaming so we walked around the neighbourhood for an hour. I passed a number of schools as they let out with Princess going "wah... wah... wah... WAH... WAH... WAH... wah... wah...". I felt like handing out birth control pamphlets to all the youngsters!

My lochia (post natal bleeding) pretty much stopped at 2 weeks. I just need panty liners now to catch the smidgen that's still coming. I'll be very happy when I don't need those anymore - pads gross me out. My uterus shrank back very fast apparently - when I was still in hospital they'd prod me and go "wow, that was quick". Excellent.

I still have an episiotomy stitch or two that I can feel when I wash - I assume they will fall out any day now. Everything in that area has healed very nicely. Even in the first couple of days weeing was not a problem, and bowel movements were just fine. Wiping afterward was a problem though! I'd end up squatting in the bath to wash instead, and just gently pat the area dry with toilet paper.

My boobs are not much bigger than when I was pregnant - I seem to be a size D now. I got really hard sore boobs when my milk came in, but since then they're not too bad. Princess doesn't go long enough between feeds for my boobs to get very engorged. I do have leakage - mostly from the boob not in use when feeding - so I'm wearing pads for that. Charming. I love having pads stuck all over my body! Luckily the breast pads have adhesive strips so I can wear them in a vest top at night as I'd hate to have to sleep in a bra.

Weight: 73.5kg
Boobs: 100cm (this varies a lot depending on feeding)
Ribs: 85cm (3 more than pre pregnancy)
Waist: 90cm (3 more than pre pregnancy)
Hips: 102cm (4 more than pre pregnancy)
Thigh: 58cm (same as pre pregnancy)

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