Thursday, 1 October 2009

Princess Update

Princess is one month old today! Happy montheversary darling girl ;-)

Average Feeding Cycle: 3 to 4-hourly
Average Feeding Time: 35 min.
Approximate Weight: 3.5kg
Average Saffa Chick sleep: 2 or 3 hours per night feed cycle, one 1 hour nap during the day. Total: 6 to 8 hours.

Princess is starting to sleep for longer periods and she rarely has a feeding cycle shorter than 3 hours (except for cluster feeding in the evenings). Milord and I moved her into her own room a week ago because she is just too noisy in the night, and we really enjoyed the 2 and 3 hour sleeps we were getting! Yesterday Milord's sister and niece arrived to give us a hand for a week and we took Princess back into our room as the baby's room is also the guest room... tonight Princess will be sleeping in the lounge! Snuffle, grunt, mutter, whimper - it is just too much!

Milord's sister has taken over kitchen duties to give us both a break, and it is great to have another pair of hands to pass Princess to when she is unsettled. Friday night she will be babysitting and Milord and I are going out to dinner - we are quite excited!

I have expressed 125ml for Friday night (over 2 weeks - expressing doesn't really work for me). Being a breastfed baby I actually have no idea how much Princess usually needs for a feed and I am worried that it won't be enough. Today I decided to try Princess on a bottle of fomula to see if she will take it if required... some babies won't abide a teat or formula. Well, she doesn't mind either! She took 100ml when I didn't think she was even that hungry... good to know we have that as a backup.

My poor baby is going bald. She's lost all the hair from the top of her head, while the rest has grown to about an inch long. A very bad bald-man mullet... I can't wait for the rest of her hair to fall out! Bald all over would be much better.

Princess is growing like crazy, and is 1kg (2lb) over her birth weight. At 3.5kg she is now an average normal birth weight! People still tell us how small she is and assume she's a few days old. To us she's so much bigger than she was and is filling out nicely. She now has dimply knees instead of extra folds of skin.

This week she started to focus on us and it is so cool to have her eyes follow me!


Kat said...

Love the milord and princess picture!

I lost all my hair when I was a baby too... apparently it was black to start with, then after it grew back it was brown! Maybe it is a common thing with kids??

Hope you and Milord have a great night out Friday :)

Lisa said...

I love your photographs. jack's hair also fell out so that he looked like Friar Tuck. He was also tiny to begin with because he was early but by 6/7 months, I had a Friar Tuck with a belly and dimpled kneecaps. I will send the pictures to my mother as she is probably the only one who would appreciate them. Grace is gorgeous and you are both doing a great job.

waterbob said...

This is the 2nd Dad & daughter pic which just has such a feel good factor. You both seem to be coping well and it's great to be kept in the loop. Congratulations to you all and best wishes to the visitors if they remember us. Enjoy the time by yourselves tonight.

Nat said...

Lovely pics! Glad everything is going so well and hope you have a great evening out with Milord.

Suzanne said...

The pictures are great!

My older son had a mohawk for a while.

greytonsal said...

What lovely photos. She is gorgeous and is growing up with so much love! Your hair fell out and you were bald for a while, then it grew back blonde and curly, so there is yet hope for Grace! Hmmm! snuffle, grunt, whimper? Maybe I will sleep in the lounge too!

Anonymous said...

don't b a wimp u wanted 2 b a mommy! we had no hair 4 a while u know! u have been mommified!