Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Princess Update

Princess is 3 weeks old today.

Wow. It feels like she has been with us so much longer than that!

Average Feeding Cycle: 3-hourly
Average Feeding Time: 45 min including a burp and nappy change in the middle to wake her up again for seconds.
Approximate Weight: 3kg
Average Saffa Chick sleep: 2 hours per night feed cycle, one 1 hour nap during the day. Total: 5 to 7 hours.

In general I'd say Princess is a "good baby". She only cries when she needs something, and mostly sleeps when her needs are met. When she has a sore gassy tummy we have a few rough hours, but that's not constant.

A friend left a comment the other day about how serene we look in the photos I sent out or published. Mmmm, well, I don't exactly take pictures when she's screaming her head off!

She was slipping into a 2-hour feed cycle recently, and I think it was self-perpetuating because she wasn't that hungry so she only ate a small amount before going back to sleep. It could also be that my boobs weren't getting the chance to make enough fatty milk to tide her over a longer period. Yesterday I decided to try to force a 3-hour cycle after Milord left for work. This meant an hour of misery before the first 3 hours was up, but after that she seemed to settle into the timetable just fine! I may be on to something... we slipped a bit in the night but we were mostly on 3 hours, and today I'll aim for 3-hourly feeds as well.

Once we're happy on 3 hours I'll try to nudge us to 3.5 hours, and then hopefully to 4 hours. That would mean 3-hour stretches of sleep for Milord and me... wish me luck!

I'm having a go at expressing milk, but I have to get the timing right or I end up with half-empty boobs and a very cranky baby! Milord fed her 30ml from a bottle the other day and she slurped it in about 30 seconds... no problem taking the bottle then! Then she wanted boob for an hour afterward anyway - I wonder how much she usually takes in a feed? It's a shame you can't measure what they drink in a breastfeed. I'm going to gather as much milk as I can over the week and we'll have another go on the weekend and see if she gets full. I'd like to know that I can have an evening out with the girls and leave enough milk with Milord to keep Princess satisfied.

Oh, one thing we did about a week ago was make casts of Princess' hands and feet. IrishMILF gave me the kit at my baby shower and I knew I had to use it or it'd never get done. Milord and I spent an hour trying to get moulds of her hands and feet in fast-setting rubber without her touching the sides of the containers. It was a lot more difficult than it sounds! We had a few duds and a very nerve-wracking moment when she wouldn't stop screaming long enough to relax so that we could get her hand out of the mould (that's the blurry fist in the photo)!

I've painted them silver now and we'll mount them in a box frame one day soon. We took them on Princess' "due date", the 13th September. Awesome.


Lisa said...

okay. sigh of relief! Your blog has a less traumatised, desperate air to it today - in fact, it seems quite in control. I see our parcel to your princess will arrive in approximately 2013 - just in time - NOT! It was dispatched on the 10th Sept and SHOULD take 2-3 weeks to arrive - depending on customs....that's like us depending on our postal system...I am hoping not.

Lisa said...

Can I just add that it was ordered on the 1st September and dispatched on the 10th - just in case you thought we were tardy!

greytonsal said...

Isn't she gorgeous! Looks as though she has a sense of humour too! Love her expressions and cannot wait to meet her. You will be well trained by then. 7 weeks until I am with you all. So exciting!

Kat said...

I do love her "Ooo" look (also seen in many of the lovely professional photos you sent a link for) :) She really is a cutie. Also a great pic there of her working with daddy (esp. with the glass of wine in the foreground!). Do you call her Princess all the time, or is that just her nickname/blog name?