Thursday, 10 September 2009

All Good

Hey everyone...

We are all very well, I just find that when I have a spare 5 minutes where I don't want to fold laundry or make a meal that a nap takes priority over blogging or even reading blogs! I haven't quite got the hang of feeding Princess one-handed in front of the PC without getting amazing backache either, so we are stretched out in the breastfeeding chair for that instead. I am (re-re-re-)watching Season One of Buffy the Vampire Slayer through the night - OMG how 90's is that show? I love it.

Princess is thriving - she's already made it back to just past her birth weight at 10 days old. That would be good going for a normal sized baby, but for an undersized one we're doing fabulously! She's feeding superbly and still hasn't hurt mummy's boobies so that's just brilliant. I wish the feeding cycles were longer - we don't go past 3 hours yet, and sometimes we're stuck at 1 hour for half the day/night - but as she and her tummy get bigger that will come.

Milord is my rock. He's taken 2 weeks off and has made it his job to get up to Princess when she calls and change her nappy while I prise my eyes open, visit the bathroom and settle myself in the chair, where he delivers Princess before heading back to bed. He's been doing jobs around the house during the day... DIY, not the cooking or cleaning but I have a handle on those at the moment and I know he'll step up when the time comes. He's loving being a Dad - he's already completely wrapped around that tiny finger! ( am I)

I'm doing great - I feel better than I have in yonks in spite of being tired. New-mummyhood beats pregnancy any day! Geez I hated being pregnant, and I wasn't even ill with it.

I'll blog the birth tale soon. Princess' arrival got surprisingly complicated and we missed having a C-section by a whisker. I'll tell you all the gory bits soon.


SA Expats said...

I think it is time the wife and I have another one. I'm glad everything is goin well.

Suzanne said...

It sounds like your little family has worked into a great groove already. Wonderful!

waterbob said...

Hey Chick - looking forward to the details of the young lady's arrival. While you're there you might think about those lists of yours. What did you need that you hadn't taken and what was surplus?