Monday, 14 September 2009

Birth Story

Monday here. Milord has gone back to work today - I'm sure he'd rather still be here in the baby cocoon! I had every intention of spending today in bed after a couple of shocking nights over the weekend (and visitors during the day which meant I couldn't nap), but we had a good night last night and I feel ok now although I might nap later. I have spent the past couple of hours with birth registration paperwork, paying doctor's bills and filling in forms to claim the Aussie baby bonus (woohoo). Princess has been asleep next to me in her pram and is just starting to stir for her next feed.

Right, time to blog the story of Princess' arrival! This is going to be long, go make a coffee.

I finished work on the last Friday of August at 38 weeks pregnant. Princess was due to arrive on the 13th September so I would have 2 weeks to relax, stock the freezer and sleep as much as possible. I was extremely uncomfortable, everything was exhausting and my belly got in the way of anything I wanted to do. I was thrilled to have finished working, as I was struggling to manage a 6 hour day.

On the last Saturday in August I hit the supermarket for supplies, wrestling a full trolley around the place. I'm sure every expectant Mum feels the same way, but I had a feeling my baby night arrive early and I wanted to be prepared. Milord spent the day finishing off painting walls inside the house. We were both shattered afterwards! That night I cooked 4 lasagnes and froze 3.

On the last Sunday in August I had my baby shower. Ruralchick organised about 10 girls to meet up at a winebar overlooking the water for Afternoon Tea. I got spoiled with lots of lovely little gifts, sipped tea and ate cake in the sunshine. It was a lovely afternoon. In the evening we went to a friend's for dinner. She is a midwife, and as I came through the door she took one look at my belly and said "You've got weeks to go! The baby hasn't even started dropping yet!". Considering that my obstetrician had told me just a few days prior that the baby was 2/5 dropped I didn't take this too seriously, but I was ok with the idea of the baby taking her time to arrive.

We got home after 10 and I couldn't sleep as the baby was very restless and I read my book until nearly midnight before finally dropping off.

At 1:15 am on Monday 31st August I woke up with a strange sensation between my legs... a sort of warm dribbling. I moved and the dribble became a gush! I leapt from the bed and raced to the bathroom where I sat on the loo continuing to leak. Obviously my waters had broken!!!

Huh. Wow. Ok. Here we go then. what?

I had no contractions. I was clearly many hours from proper labour, maybe I should try to sneak back into bed for some more sleep. The only problem was that whenever I moved I got another trickle of water down my legs! I eventually stuffed a handtowel between my legs and shuffled awkwardly back to the bedroom. Milord was asleep and I gently began patting my side of the bed to see how wet it was. Suddenly Milord woke and stared at me in confusion.

"What the hell are you up to?!"
"Uh... my waters have broken."

He sprang from the bed in a panic. The only thing we could remember from our antenatal classes was that we should call the labour ward to give them a heads up, so he found the number and called while I mopped up the bed and started finding the outstanding items for our hospital bag. Luckily we had a printed list to work from, as we were both pretty rattled! Milord spoke to a lovely midwife at the hospital, who said that as I had the Group B Strep infection I needed to come in for antibiotics, but they'd probably send us home again until labour was fully established, which could take over 24 hours.

Milord was all for galloping to the hospital in the previous day's clothes and without the hospital bag, but I argued him into a shower and clean clothes, and got him to throw a change of clothing into the fully packed bag just in case, which we put into the boot of the car. At 2:30am we sedately drove 20 mins to the hospital.

At the hospital we were greeted by the same cheerful midwife we'd spoken to on the phone, and she ushered us into a delivery room. She strapped a couple of monitors to my belly and gave me an antibiotic pill. On the monitor we could see the occasional contraction which I was starting to feel as a vague period pain, and we could see the baby's heartbeat which was a good 145bpm. She stated that my labour was a long way off and that she would be sending us home, and then took my blood pressure. "Ooooh. That's high. Stay there for a bit and I'll take it again in half an hour."

...and I didn't leave that room for the next 24 hours!

- Princess is having a very gassy day. I have had my hands full all afternoon and I don't think I'll get to finish this today, so... To Be Continued -

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