Tuesday, 6 May 2008

New Job!

I start my new job today. I've landed a developer role at a big bank in the centre of Sydney. I'm very chuffed, especially as they're paying very good money! It will be quite a change from my last place I reckon, but I found them a bit too laid back and am looking forward to a bit of pressure... I work better with firm goals. It took me 2 weeks after getting back to find work - excellent, that's about right.

My interview last Wednesday was gruelling, and I was actually surprised to be shortlisted for the role. They let me know on Friday that I had it, and we spent the weekend celebrating!

Otherwise we are getting stuck in to the new house, as the purchase went through last week. With my new income we can afford to really make it nice before we move in. We're shifting the bathroom from an annexe at the back of house to next to the bedrooms, and knocking together 3 rooms to make a big living area with a kitchen island in the middle. Plus raising floors, replacing wiring and plumbing, and totally transforming the outside. Very exciting! We hope to move in in July.

I'll post some scarey before photos of the house soon *shudder*.

Being a big corporate bank, my new work will be restricting internet access, and I don't know if I'll have time to blog much, but I will try. I still have to tell you all about our honeymoon anyway!

PS. Weight. Um, not great, up a bit from last week. I am hoping the routine of being back at work sorts me out! I hope my gym has a branch nearby, I must investigate.

Edit: I can access blogger from work! *evil chuckle*


Kat said...

Hope the new job is going well.. good luck!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on the new job!